Masters Jury: Tim Flach

"My work is shaped by my studio experiences and advertising background. I studied painting, not photography—Cézanne and Picasso were my first mentors."

(Tim Flach) 


Tim Flach is a photographer best known for his highly conceptual portraits of animals, particularly horses

His work has been exhibited in Britain, the United States and the Far East. He also frequently lectures on photography in various countries and has received such international awards.

horse #1

horse #2

horse #3

"For a photo shoot with animals to succeed, you need to ask the right questions of the people who know them best. It also helps to have an interest in animal behavior.

For example, with horses, you don’t want to make sudden or unfamiliar movements or go around back because they need to have a sense of what’s going on. Surprisingly, flash lighting is less disruptive than you would imagine."  

(Tim Flach)

@ Tim Flach

@ Tim Flach

"Less Is More! I have a passion for animals and a fascination with our tendency to project human values upon them. We have a unique partnership with horses, which is what makes them a great subject to explore."

(Tim Flach)

 anatomika #1

 anatomika #2

anatomika #3

Tim Flach


Tim Flach - Hasselblad



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