Dreaming Deep

We usually think of Hurricane Katrina as a destructive force. But it’s inspired many acts of creation, including Scott Rhea’s stunning photo series An Inevitable Consequence.



 Introduced to photography in eighth grade by his aunt and uncle, who owned a camera store, Rhea is primarily self-taught. In the 1990s he worked as an advertising and editorial photographer in Zurich, Hamburg and Athens, but he became jaded by commercial photography and turned to fine art and personal projects.

Today Rhea is most interested in spiritual and emotional growth as an artist. He often isolates himself from any outside media, including television and print publications, that might influence his creative process. While it’s easy to make an aesthetically pleasing image, he explains, “the real magic comes from having a great idea.”

scott rhea director/photographer


SCOTT RHEA underwater installation for FLUX on Vimeo


Scott Rhea | American Photo

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