The Tibetans

"Most of the time I’m not looking for color pictures. I am looking for something interesting, for a vignette that tells a story, something that reveals an element of humanity. Color is secondary."
(Steve McCurry)

Prayer Flags, Machen, Tibet

Amdo, Tibet

Tibet, 2007

"What inspires me?  Henri Cartier Bresson’s work has been an inspiration to me, but people living their everyday lives inspire me too."
(Steve McCurry)

Monk at the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, Tibet, 2000

Lhasa, Tibet

Nomad Children, Amdo, Tibet, 2001

Steve McCurry Photography

Steve McCurry's Blog

Steve McCurry discusses 'The Tibetans' - YouTube

Steve with Dalai Lama

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