Nazi Photo Album

Clearly, this photographer had a lot of access and not a little talent.
But who was he?

(Adolf Hitler and Admiral Miklos Horthy, the regent of Hungary, met in September 1941. Life covered their summit at Hitler’s Wolf’s Lair headquarters, publishing a picture almost identical to this.)

The album is owned by a 72-year-old executive in the fashion industry who lives in New Jersey and works in the garment district of Manhattan. He lent it to The New York Times in the hope that press coverage and a better sense of the album’s provenance would increase its value. He would like to use proceeds from a sale, which he hopes will be “six figures or higher,” to pay medical bills and get out of debt.

(Spires of the Blessed Virgin Mary Roman Catholic Church in Minsk are visible through buildings hollowed out by German bombs.)

(At a prison camp in Minsk. “There are not many photos of marked Jewish P.O.W.’s,” said Daniel Uziel of Yad Vashem, “because usually they were handed over to the S.S. within a very short time of their marking and were duly executed.”)

(Somewhere in Belarus.)

The executive said the worker told him he had received the album from an old German man whose lawn he had maintained. Because there are nine pictures of Hitler in the 24-page album, all who handled it were sure it must have some value.

(Presumably Minsk.)

“I knew I had a part of history,” the executive said, “

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