imagine if Daguerre still alive and could see his technique still used today..

-Jerry Spagnoli-

(Gallery 3a)
Daguerreotype by: Jerry Spagnoli

(Gallery 2a)
Daguerreotype by: Jerry Spagnoli

The daguerreotype was the first publicly announced photographic process, It was developed by Louis Daguerre together with Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. 

-Adam Fuss-
Daguerreotype by: Adam Fuss

(For Allegra)
Daguerreotype by: Adam Fuss

Daguerreotype continues to be practiced by enthusiastic photographers to this day, In recent years artists like Jerry Spagnoli, Adam Fuss, and Chuck Close have re-introduced the medium to the broader art world.

-Chuck Close-
Daguerreotype by: Chuck Close

(Self Portrait)
 Daguerreotype by: Chuck Close

Jerry Spagnoli


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  -Louis J.M. Daguerre-

          Daguerreotype of Abraham Lincoln, probably in 1846 or 1847

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