Changing U'r Mind

-He began work as an economist for the International Coffee Organization, often traveling to Africa on missions for the World Bank, when he first started seriously taking photographs. He chose to abandon a career as an economist and switched to photography in 1973.-

-He has traveled in over 100 countries for his photographic projects.-

For UNICEF "Changing the world with children"
Boy. Sudan, 1995

Girl. Ecuador, 1998

Boy. Afghanistan, 1995

Kurdish girl. Iraq, 1997

I don't believe a person has a style. What people have is a way of photographing what is inside them. What is there comes out.  
(Sebastião Salgado)

...my way of photographing is my way of life. I photograph from my experience, my way of seeing things, and it is very difficult to tell you whether I photograph in one style or another.
(Sebastião Salgado)

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