Who don't know LaChapelle?

-Let me introduce LaChapelle- 

"Andy Warhol offered him his first professional job as a photographer for Interview after meeting him at Studio 54 where LaChapelle was working at the time.[citation needed] He has also worked for Rolling Stone, Vogue, GQ, Photo and Vanity Fair throughout the years."


(photo by: LaChapelle-Amanda Lepore as Andy Warhol's Marilyn (Blue)-2007)


(photo by: LaChapelle-Lady Gaga-Photoshoot For “Fame Kills Tour”-2009)


(photo by: LaChapelle-Jesus is my homeboy-Last Supper-2003)


(photo by: LaChapelle-American Jesus-Hold me, carry me boldy-2009)


 (photo by: LaChapelle-Alexander McQueen-Burning Down the House-1996)


So, you know about LaChapelle now?

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